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18 Jul 2017

Fall Crafts For Kids To Do


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Posted By Luke R.

When you think of fall, what do you think about? We think about rain and so forth. When the rain and cold weather comes, you need something to do indoors with the kids. Why not do some fall crafts? There are many fall crafts for kids that you can be accomplished.

One of the first fall crafts that you can do is that you can go for a walk and collect some leaves. Then, buy some paint. As you get the kids and products set up allow them to take a piece of paper and what the kids can do is dip the leaves in paint and lay them on the paper. This is fun for the kids they can create some fantastic designs.

Many of us think about the Indians and Thanksgiving when we think about the fall. That is our favorite meal. Here is a way that your kids can do crafts and you can use up any old buttons. Take some construction paper and roll it up making a corn cob. Then, instead of making your own kernels, you use buttons to glue them on and they become the kernels on your craft cob.

There is one that we really like. It is an edible turkey. You might think the turkey is edible but make a turkey out of an apple, marshmallows, candy corn, and raisins. You will also need toothpicks. Well you poke the toothpicks in the apple. Make a row of four tooth picks and then one toothpick in front of the row so that it looks like feathers and then room for a head. On the feathers, you just place three or four raisins and then top with a marshmallow, just stick them in the raisins. Then on the face you put a marshmallow and then push two raisins into the marshmallow for the eyes and the beak is the candy corn.

Something else you can use which you have at your home is macaroni. If you have some string and you have some macaroni, you can make some jewelry. They like it because they learn to thread things through and it works their fingers. Plus, it keeps them busy.

These are all things that you can do indoors. This is fun and you will find that many of these are so simple to do so you are not carving out time for clean up as well as a big chunk of time to do. Try them out.


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